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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 30, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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mexican food, because that is what she wanted. so from all of us add to add to "the five," to you irene, happy birthday. ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," following breaking news stories tonight. there are huge major breaking developments about the deep state, that is now targeting more members of the trump administration, newt gingrich will join us in a moment along with jay sekulow, and from, but first tonight there is a war on freedom of speech, especially for conservatives, and now conservatives are starting to fight back against the left, that is tonight's all-important opening monologue. ♪ nt >> sean: i have to start on a personal note of something that
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happened last week. now, i was asked by the family of the dnc staffer that was killed in july to pullback covering the story of the death, because their son and their family was hurting. and now their family out of consideration and seeing the pain that they were going through, they told me a number of times whatin was happening wh them, and i was honestly glad to accommodate them. because as a father i know that i would probably never recover if i lost one of my kids. i honestly do not think it is possible. i cannot imagine the pain that they have gone through. now out of respect for the family's wishes, well, i decided for the time being not to discuss it unless there were further developments. but i also promise you, my audience, my loyal audience, that i will not stop investigating. i will not stop asking questions. and at a very high level, the bottom line is that the family once the truth coming out i think the country deserves the truth, because this impact so much of what the narrative in
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this country is now about, which is the left and their conspiracy theory. now i can report, i am making progress. we will have a lot more coming probably sooner than later. and i want to address this, because i have now been labeled by liberals, members help to destroy trump media, a conspiracy theorist. why? let me explain. as we have been telling you on this program for months, democrats and the media continue to push the russia collusion trump narrative without a shred of evidence.e. nothing. now pay close attention. if it ever does become available, we will report it on this however, just this past weekend former obama director of national intelligence james clapper said that he never saw a smoking gun or smoking gun evidence, that collusion with the trump campaign and russia ever existing.
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listen in here with his own words. >> i have to say that without specific -- specifically affirming or confirming these conversations since they are in the realm, they are still classified, but from the theoretical standpoint, i will tell you that my dashboard warning lights was clearly on. t i think that was the case with all of us in the intelligence community. i have to say that at the time i left, did not see any smoking gun certitude evidence of collusion. but it certainly was appropriate for given all the signs, certainly appropriate for the fbi to -- necessary for them to investigate. >> sean: investigate, no evidence. that is not all. let's go back to january, and james clapper said that no evidence that russia affected the vote tallies back in november. watch this. >> first we cannot say that they did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort, and we had no way of gauging the impact
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that the intelligence community cannot gauge the impact that it had on choices that the electorate made. >> sean: so back in march, the interview, "meet the press," he again said that he had not seen evidence of russian collusion. watch list. >> we did not occlude any evidence in our report, and i say our, that is nsa, fbi, and cia with my office, the directoa of national intelligence that had anything to -- and a reflection of collusion between members of the trump campaign and the russians. no evidence in a report -- >> i understand that, but does it exist. >> not to my knowledge.
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>> sean: not to my knowledge, and democratic lawmakers, they have also admitted that they have seen no evidence of collusion whatsoever. to take a look at this. >> the last time that we spoke, senator, asked you if you had seen evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and the russians, and you said to me, and i'm quoting you now, you said "not at this time." has anything changed since we spoke last? >> no, it hasn't. >> there has been no actual evidence yet. >> no, it has not been. >> sean: dianne feinstein,, maxine waters. no vote tallies that were changed. one of the top democrats in the senate says that she has seen nothing to suggest that there was collusion between the russians and president trump inn his campaign. if we are presented on this program with concrete evidence that collusion happened, and it has not been out there for months, i promise that we will report one it. so tonight we ask an important question, why has there been hundreds and hundreds and
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hundreds of hours of media coverage about the trump-russia conspiracy if there is zero evidence? the funny thing is that i am no a conspiracy theorist, because i dared to ask questions. i ask my questions based on the comments of only one person, on this earth who actually knows for sure the source of the dnc emails to wikileaks.o as far as i know by the way, i am the only member of the media who has interviewed julian assage multiple times on radio and right here on this media. during those interviews, he tola me that russia was not the t source of the dnc email leaks, repeatedly. we had a point in this country that i cannot ask a question without being called a liar, a conspiracy theorist? and now it has gone to a whole another level that is very dangerous, and now my character is being assassinated, and being lied about, smeared and slandered, and the worst part is that there are many on the left that are now working hard to get me fired, get me off the air, so
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this voice of hours on the show, i do not force you to watch. i ask you to watch. i want you to watch -- it could not be heard. if there is now a well-funded, well orchestrated campaign against me in this particular case to silence me by attacking my advertisers. this is all put together by impart clinton founded -- impart.og a sorros found and group. this is not hyperbole. this is a kill shot. they want the show canceled, off the air, it is also a chance to silence fox news channel, and talk radio.. this is a tactic that has been used by conservatives in the past with success. talk radio, fox news, and it represents the only oppositionn voice in existential threat to advance everything that the left wants to accomplish in the country.
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we are the only opposition, and of course all of you. we saw what happened to don imus, rush limbaugh, glenn beck, and now it is my head on the chopping block. now for the record, i am not, and i have never been a conspiracy theorist, and asking questions does not make a person a conspiracy theorist. i am actually curious. i want to get to the answers. as certain families have said publicly, they want answers. by the way, they deserve them. now there are conspiracy theorists on tv today like those that work at msnbc, cnn, abc, nbc, cbs. and then of course we have all of the unnamed sources, always in "the new york times," "washington post." by the way, being debunked regularly. we will have more on that in a moment.
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but first, this effort has not gone farther. and the reason is all of you in the audience, you have shown me all of your support. and it has been extremely humbling. and because of you, now one of my advertisers, usaa has come back on the show because you stood up for me, free speech, and this program. b you spoke out. your voices have beenor heard. i am beyond thankful. i'm beyond appreciative. i am beyond humbled. i want to thank all of the appetizers for sticking with us. the vast overwhelming majority thatk did. only a few didn't. as i have said many times on the show, i am against boycotts. because it is only an effort to silence speech let other people do not like. i said, if you do not like someone on tv, on radio -- like for example, stephen colbert, the crude things that they have said, you can turn the on and off switch off. you can change the dial. in the same thing goes with primetime conspiracy cable tvv that is now 24/7. but this containment group that
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is now going after me, they have been listing every one of my advertisements, they are saying it is not a boycott. that is not really true in my opinion. now it has gone to the point where freedom of speech in t ths country, and the continuing continuation of voices on fox news and talk radio is at a real risk here. that's where we are today. my next two guest have come up with a new group to finallyy fight back and come back all of these attacks to silence conservatives. in the past, not -- conservatives have never fought back.s. we are calling it the media a quality project. if they start in an operation that they call, fight fire withe fire. they are calling for peoplen to "stop the conservativee scalping". stop the scalpers. they are not calling for a boycott, they are doing with the other group is doing. calling for the left and then country that say they are a force free speech to stop trying to silence conservatives, and
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brian maloney sent a article -- left counterpart rachel maddow escapes scrutiny. at the detail of history of the msnbc host, and frankly it is funny, i did not know about them quoting the most bizarre conspiracy theories, frankly that i have ever heard. now, they are doing the same thing now to rachel maddow that the left source clinton group, allegedly not calling for a boycott to doing against me, and this new group has listed the t advertisers, not calling for a boycott, now pointing out some of the most bizarre controversial things that have been said by rachel maddow, let's start with a fuel lines, "trump rachel maddow speech he sees immigrants as vicious murdering criminals." >> it will be a notable thing that the president spent a portion of what was the state of the union trying to tell the country what vicious murdering criminals immigrants are.
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and that is focusing on crimes committed by immigrants. >> sean: maddow, no, he actually said something else. and trump speech could be a a gateway drug for the kkkld becoming mainstream in the g.o.p. really?or >> a lot of people who i think are critical of donald trump critically look alike praise from donald duke and wonder if he is a gateway drug, if there is something beyond donald trump himself, that means a much greater transformation of the republican party into something that is going to be new to mainstream policy. >> sean: there is a lot more, down in 2011 trying to explain away congressman anthony weiner's graphic lewd tweet, watch this. >> if the congressman was hacked as he said he was, if he was pranked, how would that work? how could a person do that? what would it look like?
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look at the image of the congressman's twitter account, and judging from the pixel is of the images, some other clues, he concludes that the damage was a composite, saved a number of times, indicating that it had been photoshopped, for a theory with fewer stops, other blogs have a theory of ade potential hacking that looks at the information embedded in this controversial picture. a third by final theory has to do with the sharing service that i was talking about, why? it is not hard to generate a program that would try every combination using your twitter name until you got to the right email address to use the service to post pictures. >> sean: that can occur, but not this time. in 2013, to mitigate the role that radical islam played in the marathon bombing, several conspiracy theories in this rather strange rant. watch this. >> pick your poison, it is the protocol of zion, and also having a nice copy of, the
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protocols of zion, or 9/11 truth, or what -- now using that argument in his own defense, it is a boston bombing. really carried out by the government, and 9/11 was carried out by the government, and waco, false flags, pick your poison. there is always been an appeal to this necrotizing conspiracy theory radicalism. >> sean: there was also that time that maddow theorized that republicans may be pushy, assassinations -- an actual political tactic, wow, watch list. >> has enough kerosene been poured on the flames? the possibility of violence, even assassination is being posited as a real political tactic in the united states. >> sean: freedom of speech is, i am against boycotts. i have stood up my entire career, even when bill maher was on politically correct, i applaud the fact that our next guests say, okay, if the left
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stops, they will stop. if the left this up to their standard of freedom of speech,, every boy should be heard, and the viewers get to decide. i did not notice one single liberal cable hosts, by the way, lanny davis was the only one that stood out for me. one cable host that said, let hannity say what he wants. just like i was defended, i would not be a part of a stephen colbert boycotts, or a bill maher boycott. let's stop the fascism. brian maloney, melanie morgan joining us tonight. by the way, i was blown away on a personal level, i am known for a long time, unbeknownst towa m, i guess back a month or so ago,
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you guys sent stand with sean -- didn't even know you're doing it, but melanie, tell us how this camea about. i remember contacting you at the time, because i have been under fire for a while now predicates a little lonely sometimes they are. >> it sure does, and thank youe for having us on the program. i wish we were meeting under ,different circumstances, but i have to tell you that i really consider what happened with you to be an epic fight of proportions, monumental proportions. it is a simple choice between good and evil. do we want to stand with people like media matters for america, going to defame you and slander you, and others in our business as well as ordinary people who might be wanting to express an opinion on facebook, or twitter, and they are shut it down in silence, character assassination? i tell you it is a disservice in time right now. i just want to let you know that we have been working on connecting the dots to what has been happening to the hillary clinton fundedd foundations.
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since april 26, brian and i went over our books, wait a minute, this has been going on for a long time. and you did not know about it, nobody is giving us any money to do this, but we are very upset. this has happened to me when i was a conservative talk show host here in san francisco, where i am now. there was a boycott, and they tried to take us down. they try to get us fired. they tried to throw us off the air. , i see the same thing happening here. and i said, neveran again. i'm not going to allow it to happen. >> sean: when they suggested with the president incest daughter, and people wanted me to support a boycotts or a dispute, i said, no. and i tweeted out. just to be clear here, this is not a boycott. you are doing what the clinton group is doing to me. exactly the same words, right? >> well, that is exactly right, sean. we are giving them a taste of their own medicine. we are not trying to kick everyone off the air that we do not agree with, because
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conservatives have not fought back in the past. melanie and i just decided that we have had enough. and your show is the one that absolutely has to be defended. if we let this go, i think that the left will realize that they can win virtually any battle. i think that this is the year where conservatives realized, what are we doing sitting back for? this is ridiculous.s we have had an outpouring of support from thousands and thousands of people. >> sean: i cannot believe whatn i was seeing today. i could not believe the impact that you guys had. >> we could not either actually. millions of tweets have been taken, our facebook page has been overwhelmed. but the reason why, everybody knows that you have to plant your flag. we are standing with sean hannity. and i think that america said, it is not fair. it is inherently unfair for people to go after somebody personally to take them down professionally. all of this conspiracy theory
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stuff, i think there is a russian under your bed, sean. you better make sure that they are not hanging out there! [laughter] >> sean: we are running out of time, and i went along because i had to explain all this. but you guys are saying that you want people to contact. you want the advertisers to know what these shows are saying that they are supporting, and you are also saying that if they stop, you will stop. but if they are not going to stop these liberal tactics, if you will, you are going to keep going. and it is now fighting fire with fire, right, brian? >> well, that is exactly right. and that is why we started stop the scalping's on facebook, and we want to call attention that maddow has gotten away with being a conspiracy wacko for years and years. nobody was sponsoring it, nobody was paying attention. >> sean: thank you. new revelations, really important about deep state leaks, we will explain. we have a mini monologue next. and newt gingrich, also on the
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busy breaking news night... >> it is borderline, if not over the line of treason. >> you believe it is treason to leak some of the stuff? >> i do believe it is. >> sean: the dhs secretary john f. kelly says that the leaks out of washington, tech and the president, those surrounding him have now crossed a line into treason. here with the breaking news report ahead. the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni,
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♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity," while the deepit state are trying to take down jared kushner, there is a massive story that is being ignored. it is a story that he will only hear right now on "hannity" and fox news channel, that is the mini monologue. jared kushner is now in the deep state, and in the crosshairs. last week "the washington post" ran wild with the story. here is the quote, "jared kushner is now a focus in russia investigation." after creating the feeding frenzy, citing once again, all of these unnamed sources, they published another article of accusing jared of trying to set a back channel communications with the russians. the trump administration has pushed back against the claims,
10:25 pm
and the destroy trump media, hyperventilating about this report. well, they conveniently forgot that president obama, he tried to do the same thing with russia. remember, cnn, they take the cake when it comes to fake news sources. a f look for example,y this quote "sources that russia discussed, derogatory information about trump and the campaign." those are serious allegations, but there is no on the record sources. there are never on the record sources, only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the targeted leaks from the deep state. later in the segment, we want to show you a long list of examples on the side of your screen, also tonight a massive story that the media is ignoring pay to last week, sarah carter, johnxa yt sullivan, they will join us later in the show, with more details that they published two massive explosive reports about how the obama administration was trampling on the constitution, the privacy rights, and illegally spying on you, the
10:26 pm
american people. now take a look at one of the headlines "obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on americans for years." they broke another story with "declassify memo showing fbi illegally sharing by the data on americans with private parties.a huge, massive stories that exposed a major constitutional abuse by your government, and the media does not care. it happened under the obama administration, and because thed are salivating at any chance to destroy the president, his son in law, or anybody around the president.r this is exactly why president trump needs to finally purge the deep state. here with reaction, the authortw of the new, best seller, not even released yet, -- newt gingrich, how does your book become number one? >> well, lots of people
10:27 pm
prepurchase it, and got excited by the idea of understanding trump. >> sean: there is an understanding here, i mention about the assault, you have seen it over the years, all of the conservatives. you live through it when you are a speaker. but the effort to silence conservatives. the effort to destroy anybody -- all the collateral damage around the president, what you make of it all? >> this is a frenzied death da behavior by the left, because they are in such trouble, and trump represents the end ofs their world. you have very powerful institutions -- the amount of leaking coming out of theum intelligence community is staggering. it's all illegal. people should go to jail. i wrote my newsletter on this last week, and i said that leakers should be locked up. but it is deeper than that. of "the washington post" stories are not, someday going to look back on this and say, it was one of the funniest periods in american p history. here you have barack obama who created background techniques for communicating with iran
10:28 pm
during his transition. clearly assigned because it was obama, quite clever. now you have the trump people paralleling during the transition. i had one reporter yesterday say to me, well, what does this tell you about collusion? and i said, well, the dates that you are describing are after the election. he said, oh, yeah, that's right, isn't it? there is this insane pattern right now in elite media that says we know that trump is wrong, but we are not sure what it is. we know he has done something horrible, but we don't know what it is. and then they go from there. i think it tells you how frenzied they are to stop the momentum of the trump administration. and frankly, the president is carrying an enormous burden on his shoulders, because he is hzo taking on this entire establishment system, which is trying to break in. >> sean: i watch with general flynn, and in his particular
10:29 pm
case, he was reaching out to his future counterpart. jared's back channels, didn't obama do that with thee horrible iranian deal? and he sat and said, tell vladimir, i will have a lot more flexibility when i get reelected? that seems to be a back i channl communication that seems smart. reaching out to your counterpart, reaching out to a country in the hopes that you can get a dialog for the betterment of both sides does not seem so sinister. and i say this, putting up on the side of the screen that all the deep state leaks under trump so that the audience can see. what is your response? >> let me say during the cuban missile crisis, a back channel communication that was saving us from nuclear war. when richard nixon wanted tosi open up ties to communist china, it was a back channel process that started that process. t when eisenhower wanted to end the korean war, there was a back
10:30 pm
channel through india that was a key communication method. the notion that suddenly this is a terrible thing, it verges on being but this whole story, and i worry -- i don't actually worry about the substance. i worry about the investigative process and the degree to which a sooner or later somebody will engage in a mistake. and that mistake will now be the problem. not the original act, not the original accusation, and peopleo need to be very careful in dealing with the criminal justice system. do you remember a simple fact, sean, 97% of the campaign donations given by the justice department went to hillary clinton. 99% -- >> sean: why weren't they gone? >> we are talking about deep into the bureaucracy, when you talk about total numbers.ou but there are obama appointees that are still all over the place, and the trump administration on to be doubling and tripling the effort to getac
10:31 pm
rid of them. it is absurd that we are now about to enter june with people from the obama era still in decision-making positions throughout the government. it was also the deliberate design of schumer and the senate to democrats to slow down every nominee, because that slows down all the people below them. and so frome, the standpoint of the democrats, they have had quite a success in slowing down the rate of which trump has taken cared of the government. >> sean: speaker, stay right there. we have another segment, and stay right there. also later >> it is borderline if not over the line of treason. >> you believe it is treason to leak some of the stuff? you believe it is? >> i believe it is. >> sean: this is such a big story.y. the dhs secretary says the leaks treason.scribed as we weigh again as we continue on this busy breaking news night.
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>> an unusual break in diplomatic protocol. the white house has not yet responded to questions about it. u.s. secretary is making an impassioned appeal to the world to tackle climate change. he is urging them to implement an international report on carbon emissions. his message appeared specially aimed at president trump. he said he will decide this week whether the u.s. will drop the 2015 agreement. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity."
10:37 pm
>> sean: welcome back to "hannity," we continue with newt gingrich, i want to put back on the screen all of these leaks, deep state leaks against the president, because there has been so many. to me this is such a grave danger, because in many ways, what they are doing, not only as unjust and unconstitutional, general flynn violating the espionage act, but it seems to me if they get into carter andac solomon in the next segment, if they can serve fail, unmask, release from intelligencef against americans which is illegal, that seems to be foundationally something that would be a dictatorship. that would be something in a policed state. s if the government is surveilling, unmasking intelligence, which has happened. and we know it has happened. >> let me draw the distinction, they are two points here. the first, what you are starting make right now is that having
10:38 pm
obama deliberately decide to loosen the rules, and -- i don't know if trump has issued re-tightening the rules again, which he should. but the entire obama effort to loosen the rules was a deliberate encouragement of the deep state to go after american citizens. and you are right, this is a major step just as the violencee is on campuses and the things that the left are doing to shut people out. this is one more step towards a tyranny that the american constitution was designed to block. there is a second half to this, which is the leaking of secrets. i thought it was very sobering yesterday when secretary john f. kelly, four star marine general, very sober guy, not inclined to be out on a limb. he said, i actually regard leaking the secrets as virtually treason. and i think we should take that seriously. i think if you want to leaked secrets about who is doing what in the white house, that is politics. w maybe you fire people, but you
10:39 pm
start leaking americans secrets which weakens us in the world, scares our allies, strengthensre our enemies, you ought to go to jail. i am disgusted with the way that "the washington post,"th "the new york times," and the major networks are enablers of what john f. kelly has said is the equivalent of treason. >> sean: and they have been proven wrong, the deputy attorney general did not say that he was going to quit. we will learn that comey did not ask for more money, they did not need more money according to mcnabe. and even though memo was problematic, because if you thought it was obstruction, he felony laws, because it was in january,, and he testified then that no one got him to do that. so i have an fbi friend, and you talked in the last segment about how risk is when they are f investigating, if you do not get a fact right, or you forgot an
10:40 pm
email that you sent -- not necessarily that you do something wrong, but it is a perjury trap for people. and my friend said to me, and i love the fbi. i love law enforcement. i respect them. and i want to help them. and he said, the fact is that you can never talk to them. and i said, what do you mean? and he said, if they ask you questions, you have to shut up. and i said, even if i can help them? he said even if they ask it, there is something radically wrong with that system, isn't there? >> the whole thing has gotten to be very dangerous, very ruthless, i have said over and over again that the conviction of scooter libby in the bush administration is one of the biggest scandals in modern america. they knew that he was not the person that they were looking
10:41 pm
for. they knew who they were looking for, and thehe prosecutor not oy targeted him to try to get to dick cheney, but the prosecutor locked up a "new york times" reporter for 85 days. i have always been astounded that the news media did not go crazy. this is a prosecutor who locks up a reporter for 85 days because he is engaged in a political witch hunt to try to get the vice h president of the united states. that's what the term people have to be afraid of.av i mention the donations, if youe are in a department that had 97% of its donations go to hillary clinton, you have a culture and in attitude and a style that is very dangerous for anybody who is in favor of trump. >> sean: all right, mr. speaker, it would be nice if we can get away from these nonstop attacks, all of these distractions, maybe the agenda that he promised the american people, getting people back to work, out of poverty, off of food stamps, and get people back in homes -- with the lowest home ownership rate, it would be nice if we could focus on those it's good to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> sean: up next on this breaking news night on "hannity"... >> it is borderline, if not over the line of treason. >> you believe it is treason tor leak some of this stuff?
10:42 pm
>> i do believe it is.e >> sean: more on that outrageous statement, hopefully not a true statement. that is scary. dhs secretary john f. kellyy saying, talking about the dangerous leaks that are coming out of washington. it could have crossed the lineng into treason. we will weigh in on this busy news night. please stay with us.
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♪ >> i don't know why people do these kind of things, but it is
10:46 pm
borderline, if not over the line of treason. >> you believe it is treason to leak some of the stuff? you believe it is? >> i do believe it is. when you leak the kind of information that seems to be routinely leaked to the high, high level of classification, you are telling the -- >> and what was leaked on the manchester bombing, you believe -- you would sayay treason? >> it is darn close to treason. >> sean: there was a dhs secretary john f. kelly sayinglo that the numerous leaks are s borderline treasonous. here with the reaction from the american senate jacek killough sara carter, john solomon, good to see you all. sara, i will begin with you. you guys keep unraveling the layers of the onion here. you had a very big story last week, i just mentioned with newt gingrich, listing all of the leaks. what is new and how bad is it?
10:47 pm
>> i think it is very significant. general kelly, secretary kelly i brought up a good point. when you think of the manchester bombing, you think of the leaks out to "the new york times."oi showing there was a secondary trigger on the bomb that actually gave way information that there was a large network working here in manchester, onee of the most important issues that people do not realize is that while there is an ongoing investigation between the united states, great britain, and our intelligence allies, giveaway information to al qaeda. to al qaeda, to isis, so as soon as that story broke, people started to scramble amber on the this is why these leaks are so dangerous. they are so narrow. if you are thinking of it in a bigger case like i've reported on, those stories are significant, because that affects the fourth amendment rights of americans.
10:48 pm
it allows information to not only lay in the hands of the intelligence community, but to be moved into the hands of private citizens, third parties, and forbidden parties like we have shown with the fbi, though foreign documents. >> sean: where are we in terms of your discovery? we have had the admission of unmasking, that is something you reported on in detail. how deep is this going to be? how bad is it? >> well, it is a lot worse than it was a few years ago. w both the amount of searches, the amount of unmaskings, on the amount of violations are going up since 2011 when a lot of these rules were loosened. i think the people that have thc ball in their hands now, the members of congress who are going to debate thisis law. it is going to come down to them to decide, where are they goingk to set the new line between privacy and security?t and i think that's commented that was just made about the
10:49 pm
fourth amendment being an afterthought, it sort of is. when you read these opinions, after the fact they realized that they were violating the core principles of the constitution. that lack of seriousness about how serious that line is of privacy, it seems to be fading as more time goes on.. >> sean: this is chilling. a lot more as we continue on this busy breaking news tuesday night. thank you for being with us. be.
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♪ >> sean: as we continue on "hannity," go back to your report, i was actually on vacation. a lot of people speculated otherwise, sara, but welcome to my world. [laughter] go back to the report on i t believe it was thursday night when you guys wrote that. >> well, john and i both put together the story, we were able to expose the documents releasee by the foreign intelligence surveillance court with the fbi. regarding the fbi, and it was called the search for warrantless data. this is basically not information gathered by the fbi with a warrant, but information that has been gathered through the nsa, by the fbi warrantless. james comey said during a hearing that all of the data that was collected by the fbi was actually carefully collected, there was a lot of oversight. there were precautions taken. what we found out from the documents, from the foreign
10:54 pm
intelligence surveillance court was the that that was not the case at all. in hundreds of cases, they searched through warrantless data.s searching with a forbidden party. it is incredible. >> sean: is there going to be an arrest here? do they now know the severity of the deep state? are they going to stop what is happening here? and a violation of law, the committing of felonies, and you know, the trampling of our constitution and our fourth amendment rights? >> the attorney general says he is going to put an end to the leaks, that means he hasou to entitle a grand jury to stop this. so it does not continue, so i would take it a step further, james comey, breaking alert for everyone, he did not tell the truth again when it came to a data collection. is anyone shocked at this? where is a consequence?ag this is what i would say too the administration, until you have that grand jury paneled, until there are charges against those committing the crimes, no accountability. you have to take affirmative, legal action.
10:55 pm
there is no alternative, but for the sake of the constitutional republic, that's where it hangse in the balance. at the constitutional republic. >> sean: last word, john. >> i think you are right. until there is a serious evaluation of why we are leaking, why people are not being punished, this is going to go on, just look at the corresponding numbers. they go up. >> sean: yes, thank you all. your reporting has been amazing. i think it is one of the bigges> stories that we have had in our lifetime. people better pay attention. this is very serious. thank you to all three of you. when we come back, a very important question of the day. we need your input -- straight ahead. ♪ by the time you head to the bank and wait to get approved for a home loan, that newly listed, mid-century ranch with the garden patio will be gone. or you could push that button. [dong] [rocket launching] skip the bank, skip the waiting, and go completely online.
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so he should have been with those first heroes. ha ha! that's better. so, to recap -- small business owners are heroes, and our heroes help heroes be heroes when they're not eating gyros delivered by -- ah, you know what i mean. >> sean: welcome back, time for the question of the day. do you think that deep state leaks are hurting this country? we want to hear from you. let us know what you think.
11:00 pm
that's all the time we have left this evening. set your dvr, hopefully, not my. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." as you may have heard, over the weekend, a deranged man in a state of oregon called jeremy christian began berating muslims on a train and when three men opposed to intervene, he stabbed two of them to death. it was an atrocity, only the first of many in the story. almost immediately after it happened, the press scrambled to define what exactly happened. right wing, white supremacist commits murder, provoked by trumps climate of hate, climate. civil rights group by the center for islamic, and the sovereign poverty law center jumped on board